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Hi, I’m Ken Turner, and have been in the herbal nutrition business for over 20 yeKen Turner from Natural Herbal Remediesars. I started selling vitamins and herbal supplements to help my customers in their quest to get healthy. I researched and studied everything I could about natural herbal remedies and treatments and became a Certified Nutritionist Herbal Therapist.

I began my education in natural health by talking with doctors who were concerned about the missing essential minerals and vitamins in our food supply and the declining health in this country. I started to research foods, natural health, and natural cures. I found that herbs and natural foods could actually heal the body of several types of ailments and without the side effects of most prescription drugs.

When studying nutrition I found out that the subject was riddled with contrary facts. These contrary facts were what led me to keep digging deeper to find the real solutions. But, as I studied and dug deeper and searched beyond the textbooks, I found that many illnesses were caused because basic nutrition has been ignored for so long. I found that many health conditions could be reversed by providing the correct nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Since then, I've passionately pursued ways to improve our health by the foods we eat and helped raise the awareness in people in the choices they have about living a more natural lifestyle to improve their health.

My quest for quality natural healing has led me to study herbs and nutrition. Over the years I've documented my health findings in my journal. This journal is what inspired me to put this information into this website.  I lead workshops on how to use potent healing herbal formulas. I've also given individual counseling on how diet affects your body. And how a person can rejuvenate their body's own natural healing powers by using the right natural herbal remedies to improve their health.

Wishing you the very best of health,   
Ken Turner




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