Antioxidant Vitamins

“Vitamin Supplements To Help Prevent Disease”

Antioxidant vitamins help protect us from the damage caused by free radicals. Usually our bodies produce the chemicals that prevent the damage caused by these health problems, but such isn’t the case anymore.

Our poor diets, our nearly constant exposure to sources of free radicals, and our present-day lifestyles have our bodies fighting a losing battle. Fortunately there are vitamin supplements and antioxidant vitamins that can help us get our bodies back on track for better health.

What Causes A Free Radical?

Free radicals are a process of our cellular metabolism. Our environment unfortunately, creates more of them in the form of various types of pollution. Our exposure to pollution causes more free radicals, as does smoking, and drinking. The lack of vitamin antioxidant vitamins in most of our diets lets the problem build up over time.

In fact, our lifestyles are a big contributor to the problem, as you can see. Added to all of the above problems, our daily stresses also make us vulnerable to free radical damage since it affects our immune system.

What Are the Effects of Free Radicals?

When they run amok in our bodies, they cause a variety of health problems. These include:

In the war against free radicals, we have a variety of tools to fight with. There are several vitamins and minerals that produce the antioxidants we need to neutralize them. There are also various herbal supplements on the market that we can take to help us. I would recommend getting your multi-vitamins from "Vitabase", because of the quality of their products and low pricing.

Rather than waiting for a health problem to cause us to suddenly become dependent on potentially dangerous prescription drugs, it is better to take preventative measures such as antioxidant supplements.

Good Antioxidant Vitamins

Natural Herbal Supplements

All of the above vitamins and minerals you can get easily by altering your diet. You just need to make healthier choices, and you may want to consider a couple of herbs that can help as well.

The use of antioxidant supplements should become a part of your diet as soon as possible. So many things we do, even exercise, produce free radicals and we need the ability to counter them. In a balanced situation, our bodies would be able to produce the antioxidants we need in the right amount to maintain our health.

Since our lifestyles put us in jeopardy, it is up to us reclaim our health. Antioxidant vitamin supplements are a large help but changes such as controlling our smoking and drinking, watching our exposure to harsh pollutants like car exhaust and chemicals and controlling our stress help these health supplements do their job.

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