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Do you need to find a bad breath remedy to stop this embarrassing problem? If you’re getting clues that you have bad breath...there are ways to find out what’s causing it and how to cure it. Learn how to get fresh breath and have more confidence in your social life.

Halitosis- This term for smelly breath was invented in 1921 by the Listerine Company. The definition is: bad breath originating from systemic metabolic conditions.

What Really Causes Bad Breath?

Most people have experienced bad breath at one time or another. Bad breath – or halitosis – is often laughed and joked about, but the fact is it can be really damaging to a person’s self-esteem. If you’ve experienced halitosis, you’re likely eager to find a few good bad breath remedies. Fortunately, there are a few ways to take care of this embarrassing problem. As I’ve learned, understanding the root causes of bad breath is the first step toward eliminating it.

For the most part, bad breath occurs when a person has bad bacteria in the mouth. In fact, having too much bacteria is the cause in about 80% of cases of bad breath. This is because the overgrowth of bacteria actually creates sulfur, the same byproduct that’s given off when eggs rot – not what you want your breath smelling like, am I right?

Actually, certain types of bacteria in the mouth are good – it’s a common misconception that all bacteria are bad. It’s when the good and bad bacteria are thrown off balance that bad breath occurs. Imbalance causes the bad bacteria to metabolize proteins in your mouth, such as dead tissue cells, blood and mucous. As a result, sulfur-containing amino acids are formed as these compounds are converted into a foul-smelling gaseous byproduct.

The bottom line: the main bad breath remedy you want to look for is something that will rebalance the bacteria in your mouth. An all natural bad breath remedy is particularly helpful for destroying the bad bacteria that cause halitosis

What Can I Do To Stop Bad Breath?

Halitosis can originate from one of the following parts of the body.

1. The Mouth – As I mentioned, bad bacteria in the mouth is the cause for 80% of people with bad breath.

2. Upper Respiratory Tract – The sinuses, nasal cavities, tonsils, throat and the larynx can all become infected and cause bad breath in some people.

3. The Lungs – While rare, bad breath that originates in the lungs could either be just a temporary effect of consuming certain foods or drugs, or it could be a more serious, chronic problem caused by a disease.

4. The Stomach – Halitosis that originates in the stomach is caused by the release of odor-causing chemicals created by certain diseases. Diabetes, uremia, gastritis, gastric ulcer, liver disease or hepatitis, and acid reflux can all cause bad breath in this way.

10 Steps for a Bad Breath Cure


If you are interested in finding a way to get rid of bad breath, check out the ten steps below. Since the majority of bad breath cases are due to problems in the mouth or digestive system, the bad breath remedies I’ll focus on here mainly address those root causes.

1. Stay Hydrated- Dehydration is one of the leading causes of bad breath, but fortunately, curing it is pretty simple. Lack of hydration causes bad breath since it leads to the reduction of saliva. We need saliva! It has natural antibacterial properties that break down any leftover food particles. This is the reason many of us have “morning breath” when we wake up – we just went several hours without drinking any water! So, be sure to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day, and even more if you’re very active.

2. Brushing Teeth – Poor dental hygiene can lead to a build-up of plaque and even cause gum disease (gingivitis) over time. Both conditions make your mouth a paradise for more bacteria...and more bacteria means a more foul smelling breath. Decaying teeth can also cause bad breath. In these cases, no bad breath remedy will completely help you until you first visit a dentist to have your teeth repaired. Prevention is the best solution, so don’t skimp on oral hygiene! Good dental habits might be the only bad breath cure you need. Be sure to brush regularly to protect yourself against plaque buildup, tooth decay and gingivitis. Keep your toothbrush clean by keeping it in a solution of hydrogen peroxide to inhibit bacteria and replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months as well.

3. Eliminate Certain Foods – Foods like garlic, onions or ginger actually have sulfur in them and leave a telltale mark on your breath when you eat them. Certain types of fish, cheeses and deli meats like salami, pepperoni and pastrami have a similar effect – avoid them if you want to have fresh breath.

4. Stop Smoking – We all know that cigarette smoke leaves a lingering odor on your clothes and hair, but it affects your breath as well. Smoking also increases you risk of developing gum disease, which, as I mentioned, is another cause of bad breath.

5. Flossing – Some food particles will get stuck between your teeth and stay there, even with normal brushing. When this happens, the food that gets trapped there literally rots and becomes a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. My suggestion? Use dental floss as a bad breath remedy. Floss daily to clean that gunk out before it causes bad breath.

6. Tongue Cleaning – The tongue’s surface is one of the main areas for harmful bacteria and many people overlook cleaning their tongue, even if they practice otherwise perfect oral hygiene. Use a tongue scraping tool every day to remove the mucus and dead cells that build up on your tongue. Some toothbrushes even have a built-on tongue scraper, which keeps things really simple, doesn’t it?

7. Treat Gum Disease – If your gums are sore, look inflamed or bleed when you brush your teeth, you probably have the first signs of gum disease. I would recommend that you see your dentist to have this treated, since gingivitis left untreated can be the start of a range of other issues as well.

8. Mouthwashes – Use a mouthwash every day to kill bacteria and flush out food particles and dead cells. While there is concern among some that long-term use of alcohol-based mouthwashes could be a risk factor in developing mouth cancer, I personally think that you are better off protecting yourself by not smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks excessively. Mouthwashes can be an effective and safe bad breath remedy. If you are truly concerned about high alcohol content in some mouthwashes, however, there are more natural alternatives you can look into.

9. Identify Other Medical Causes – Although rare, bad breath can be a symptom of serious medical conditions like oral infection, gum disease, dental problems, nasal problems, diabetes, liver disease or lung problems. If you suspect that this is true in your case, see your healthcare provider – most bad breath cures won’t help until you take care of those issues.

10. Detox – If you notice that your bad breath is apparent mainly when you exhale, you could have what is called “digestive halitosis,” which is caused by a poorly functioning digestive system. When we over stress our liver and kidneys by eating too much fat and sugar, or consuming alcohol, drugs and chemicals found in processed food, toxins build up in your body and as a result, reach your lungs and cause bad breath.

  Bad Breath Remedy

After testing several products, the one bad breath remedy that I use to always give me fresh breath is “HaliTonic”.  I’ve also recommended this product to hundreds of my former customers and they were always very happy with the results. This bad breath remedy really improves your breath and promotes good oral health. It makes your breath smell clean and fresh all day. It’s made from natural herbs and these ingredients help improve your body’s own natural cleansing system.

The reason HaliTonic is the ultimate bad breath cure because it cleanses your body of toxins from within to restore balance and promote a healthy mouth, throat and digestive tract. With no artificial colors or preservatives, this bad breath remedy is 100% safe and effective.

Try it and see for yourself. Use this bad breath cure to get rid of halitosis for good and have more confidence in your social life.

To learn more about how to stop bad breath check out this article:
“What Causes Bad Breath in Children”



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“I will recommend HaliTonic to anyone. This bad breath product has really worked for me.” -Denzil J. San Diego, CA quoted text