30 Brain Power Tips

“Increase Your Memory, Focus and Think Faster”

Need brain power tips? I’ve put together the top 30 ways to improve memory power and summarized them here. Hopefully, these brain power tips will help you or someone you love.

1. Exercise!
Exercising your body is important for many reasons, but did you know that it can also help to improve your memory? It’s true, when you increase your heart rate, you increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, helping you to think better, and helping to ward off memory loss.

2. Get More Sleep
Catching some extra Z’s at night can really improve every aspect of your life, including memory power. If you don’t get enough sleep, your brain can’t function on all of its cylinders, and this means your memory suffers. Research shows that sleep is a necessary component of memory skills’ enhancement, so go to bed!

3. Organization
It sounds simple, but keeping yourself and your life more organized can help improve your memory. You will find you are able to remember more things if you aren’t constantly trying to dig through clutter to find whatever it was you were looking for. Keep a notebook or calendar for events and important notes, and leave it in the same place every time.

4. Eat Right To Increase Brain Power
Again, this is another tip that you should be doing for your body anyway, but did you know that eating a healthy can help to improve memory? It’s true. Drink enough water to keep your brain from being dehydrated, take in lean proteins, healthy Omega-3s like those found in salmon, and fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

5. Repetition
Repetition has always been one of the best ways to remember anything, and it is a great short term memory and long term memory improvement tip. Simply repeating what it is you need to remember, be it a name, address, date or phone number (or anything really) is a perfect way to imprint it upon your memory. Doing so while closing your eyes is best, so as not to get distracted.

6. Use Mnemonic (ni-mon-ik) Devices
Using mnemonic devices is one of the best brain power tips there is. One way to do this is to usual visual clues to help you remember things. If you want to remember a name, such as Tom, you can visualize the actor Tom Hanks every time you see Tom, and that visualization will help you to remember his name. Find images that remind you of the person or the person’s name.

7. Do Yoga
Relaxation has been proven to help improve memory power. A body without stress is one that is more capable of remembering, because it has less going on. Yoga also helps the flow of oxygen to the brain, which as mentioned before, improves brain function and memory. This will relieve stress and anxiety and improve your brainpower.

8. Listen to Soothing Music
As stated in the last tip, stress is no friend to the memory. Listening to calming music, joking, laughing, anything that helps you to relax helps to combat memory loss.

9. Play Games To Increase Brain Power
Playing games actually helps to keep the brain active, and this can help to improve both short term memory and long term memory. Find sites online that provide games that challenge you—puzzle games, word games, picture games, etc all of these can make you think, and the more they do that, the more your brain works. Crosswords, word searches, Scrabble, these are great for improving the memory and maximizing your brain power as well.

10. Focus To Improve Memory
Again, it sounds like a simple, obvious statement, but all of these memory tips really revolve around concentration. One must focus to remember. Focus on the task at hand to commit whatever it is to memory. If it is reading directions, studying for a test, or simply memorizing a phone number, focus on that and that alone, and it will go a long way towards helping you remember.

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11. Rehearse
Much like repetition, if you practice what you need to do, it can really help to improve memorization. For example if you need to remember a speech, simply read it again and again, and then rehearse it aloud. This can help those studying for tests as well. Read the answers and questions over and over, and then rehearse by asking and answering yourself aloud.

12. Teach
One of the greatest memory tips is teaching. They say that the best way to remember something is not to read it, not to practice it, but to teach the concept to someone else. If you need to learn a new idea or concept, try teaching it to a spouse, family member or friend. As you are helping them to learn it, your memory of it will improve.

13. Socialize
It’s true. Having a supportive group of friends can help to ward off memory loss. It may go back to relaxation, but surrounding yourself with people you love and who care about you seems to lower blood pressure, promote relaxation, and improve brain function.

14. Prioritize
Go through what you have to do, what you have to know, and pull out the most important things to give your attention to. Having too much on your plate will inhibit your memory because there is simply too much there. Don’t overload your brain, prioritize to improve your memory skills.

15. Sort
Another of the brain power tips is to sort new information into groups. This can help as you study for a test, as you get ready for a presentation at work, or just as you go through everyday life. Sort big chunks of new information into smaller, more accessible categories such as “dates”, “people”, or “places” and it won’t seem to be such a massive undertaking to remember what you need to know.

16. Use Color
Color code for easy recognition. In your home you can use different colored sticky notes to represent different tasks, or use different colored highlighters to differentiate between facts as you study. Color can easily help to improve memory if you learn to associate categories with colors.

17. Add Activity
If you are studying, or rehearsing lines or a presentation, and need a memory boost, one of the best memory improvement tips I can pass along is to add movement. As you study, bounce a ball. Pace as you practice a speech. Even writing and rewriting is enough of a movement to kick that memory in gear, so rewrite your notes (think back to elementary school when you had to write your spelling words over and over) a few times to really help them sink in and help to improve your memory.

18. Play Memory
Remember the kids’ game Memory? Well, it’s called that for a reason—it really does improve your memory. So, turn your notes into a matching game of memory. Take index cards or scraps of paper; turn them over two by two to match facts, definitions, descriptions, whatever it may be to you improve your memory skills and brain power.

19. Pay Attention To Improve Your Memory
In order to improve short term memory and improve memory power, experts say that one must concentrate on the information for 8 full, uninterrupted seconds.

20. Fish Oil
Fish has been called brain food, and doctors agree that taking fish oil supplements can help to improve memory and concentration.

21. Iron Supplements
If your diet is low in iron, it can lead to memory loss. Those with low iron levels have been shown to have poorer memories than those with normal levels. If you are anemic, check with your doctor and see if you should add an iron supplement.

22. Stop Multi-Tasking
Some people can multi-task with no problem, but if you find that your memory isn’t what it used to be, stop trying to do so many things at once. Even turning off the news or radio in the background while you concentrate on the activity at hand can greatly improve your memory.

23. Lower Your Cholesterol
Those with high cholesterol will find that their memory is getting worse. This build up of cholesterol in the arteries blocks the flow of circulation to the brain, and of course, this affects your memory.

24. An Apple a Day
Or two! Eat apples every day due to their high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants raise the levels of acetylcholine in the body, which is a neurotransmitter that's essential to a good memory and enhanched brain power.

25. Stop Worrying To Improve Brain Power
Anxiety is bad for the memory. If you don’t worry about your memory, you may find that you forget less. Stop thinking that your memory will go with age, and it won’t!

26. Video Games
I’ve mentioned games such as crossword puzzles and Scrabble, but take a page from your son’s, daughter’s or grandchild’s book and play Nintendo with them! Nintendo has a brain game called Brain Age that is designed to help boost your mental powers.

27. Don’t Waste Your Money
If you’re shelling out bucks every month or so for a bottle of Ginkgo Biloba…you can stop now. Ginkgo has not been shown to boost memory or brain power, and it actually has some serious side effects such as reducing the blood’s ability to clot.

28. Take a Class To Improve Memory
If you’ve been out of school for a while, challenge yourself by taking a class. Sign up at your local community college or even find a class online. Learning new information is a great way to exercise the brain.

29. Stop Drinking and Smoking
Both of these bad habits limit oxygen to the brain, which again affects your ability to concentrate and causes memory loss.

30. Learn a New Hobby
Taking on a new skill is just like taking a class. Your brain has to learn new things and that keeps it challenged. This is a great way to increase brain power, and your horizons.

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