Safe Ways to Detox at Home

There are many effective and safe ways to detox at home and I personally recommend cleansing programs as a great defence against toxic overload. If you’re experiencing skin problems, bloating, tiredness, allergies, weight gain and food intolerances you could benefit from an inner cleanse to boost your immune system, digestion, central nervous system and maintain optimum health.

The goal of a body detox is to rid the body of toxic substances and provide it with the correct support to enhance health and vitality. A body that is non-toxic and vital will better fight off disease and illness and both physical and mental processes will be invigorated.

Why Detox at Home?

I truly believe that our body is a great healer and within its intricate workings lays the ability to repair and protect us from illness and disease. The reason this wonderful facet of human physiology fails to function is in large part due to the build up of toxic substances from modern lifestyle challenges such as poor eating habits, stress, smoking, drinking and too little exercise, rest and relaxation. Not forgetting insufficient fun and playtime.

Below I share three programs that I think hit the mark as effective treatments and also score low on the difficulty scale. Detoxification programs are best carried out once a year and can be either short or longer term programs designed to change lifestyle habits permanently.

Fruit and Vegetable Detox

Duration: 2-3 days

I usually recommend this as a good first detox at home. It’s easy to do and great for those who are new to detoxing. The program lasts two to three days so it’s easy to stick to and it’s less about what you eat than it is about the foods you need to give up.

During the three day detox you will need to avoid processed foods, dairy and animal products as these can be filled with harmful substances like hormones and antibiotics. They are also hard to digest. Removing them will energise and purify the digestion. Fruits and vegetables may be eaten raw or cooked but don’t add butter or sugar.

Hypoallergenic Detox

Duration: 1 week initially

This is a great cleanse if you suspect you may have food allergies or intolerances which are overburdening your system making it sluggish and toxic. Digestive problems, sluggish moods and energy, swelling, itching and skin allergies can be caused by eating foods that your body is allergic to or intolerant of. The main culprits are: wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, peanuts, corn and eggs.

These should be avoided for one week and then reintroduced to see whether they provoke a reaction. Monitor your body for symptoms like palpitations, mood swings, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and skin rashes.

Sugar Detox

Duration: Variable

Excess sugar in our diet causes weight gain and weakens our immune systems and can also cause mood changes, insomnia and hyperactivity. My personal viewpoint is that sugar in moderation need not be problematic. However many people are addicted to sugar in one form or another and this is not healthy.

A sugar detox requires abstinence from sugar to help overcome the physiological and psychological addiction. You’ll be amazed at how sugar-free living energises the body and creates a more stable mood and of course there is the added benefit of weight loss. Remember there are hidden sugars in foods such as ketchup, processed meats, soups salad dressings.

(Please note that pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, children and people with chronic or serious illnesses to consult with their doctor before attempting a detox at home.)

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