How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

“Expert Tips And Cures For Bad Breath”

To get rid of bad breath may not seem like a pressing medical issue, but it is a socially inhibiting problem for many individuals. For most people, halitosis – the medical term for bad breath – is attributed to poor dental hygiene or eating pungent foods – both of which can be easily solved with natural remedies.

Causes of Bad Breath

In most cases the cause of bad breath can be traced back to something you ate or poor dental hygiene. Habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco and drinking strong beverages like alcohol or coffee also contribute.

Sometimes bad breath goes beyond the mouth and is a sign of an upper respiratory infection, lung disease or gastrointestinal problem. Certain medications are at fault in some individuals. Bad breath can be a warning sign; diabetics sometimes have “fruity” smelling or “metallic” tasting breath as a sign of dangerously high sugar levels.

If you are concerned your cause of bad breath might be a sign of a medical condition, seek advice from your family physician or dentist right away.

Dental Health

The ideal way to keep breath fresh is brushing after every meal. If you struggle with halitosis, consider carrying a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and small bottle of mouthwash or purchase “mini-brushes” that don’t require water. An alternative to toothpaste, baking soda eliminates bad breath.

Properly cleaning your teeth, tongue and gums is the most obvious bad breath treatment. When you brush your teeth, floss and brush along the gum-line. I have also found evidence that cleaning your tongue decreases bad breath. The bacteria and dead cells on the tongue, when left unchecked, causes foul breath. So to get rid of bad breath, I recommend using a tongue scraper if brushing doesn’t seem to do the job.

Proper dental care keeps your breath smelling sweet, while reducing the risk of gum disease, cavities and other costly painful problems.

Foods That Linger Causing Bad Breath

The first step to get rid of bad breath is looking at the most obvious cause: eating strong foods. Onions, garlic, hot peppers and horseradish are just some examples of foods that contribute to foul breath; in addition, certain foods, such as anchovies, contain sulfur, which can enter the lungs and/or bloodstream. When this happens, halitosis can be particularly tricky unless treated right away.

A successful remedy for bad breath addresses pungent foods and the odor-causing gases that occur as a result of bacteria lingering in the mouth.

Natural Cures To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Cleaning your teeth after every meal is impractical for many of us and chewing-gum, suckers or breath sprays merely mask the foul breath. Proven methods to get rid of bad breath include natural cures for bad breath such as:

In addition, I would recommend that you might want to try eating yogurt or taking a pro-biotic formula to get rid of bad breath.

Healthy Living

One of the best ways to get rid of bad breath can be as simple as making healthy lifestyle choices. Drinking lots of water throughout the day is essential to good health and, as a bad breath treatment, may loosen odor-causing particles of food stuck between your teeth.

Eating vegetables such as carrots and celery is nutritious and combats bad breath; citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges maintain proper acidity in your mouth, decreasing foul breath. Poor nutrition, specifically if you have a zinc deficiency, is a cause of bad breath; if you are unable to acquire the right amount of vitamins and nutrients through your diet you might want to consider taking a multi-vitamin.

Healthy Solutions

Bad breath can be an embarrassing issue; however, the steps to get rid of bad breath can help your social life as well as your physical and dental health. Experiment with natural cures for bad breath to find the best solution for you.

For information on natural cures for bad breath read:  “Bad Breath Remedy and Tips”

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