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An herbal detox will make you feel great and eliminate harmful toxins. – Are you feeling out of sorts? Do you have unexplained fatigue, a poor complexion, or do you have indigestion?  If you might be time for an herbal detox. A detox or colon cleanse can rejuvenate, refresh, and energize you... and make you feel more alive.

Why Should You Detox Your Body?

If you’re wondering why detoxing your body is so beneficial, it will help to Healthy girl running on beachknow exactly what happens during the process. Many cultures have used detoxification to promote well-being for for hundreds of years. The bottom line is, detoxing the liver with herbs will “cleans” out your system, which helps your liver function more efficiently. When your body is better able to manage toxins, you’ll experience greater resistance from disease, more energy, clearer skin, and a wide range of other amazing benefits.

Your body actually naturally cleanses itself automatically through urination, defecation and perspiration. Your liver also filters out your blood, of course. Unfortunately, as our bodies age, our immune system weakens from processing the toxin buildup due to poor diet and poor lifestyle habits. This is why detoxification is so helpful – our system often just needs an occasional boost to remove the waste build-up.

I’ve found that doing a liver detox is a great way to see very fast results when it comes to feeling healthier. There are a few different ways to go about detoxification. An herbal detox is relatively simple and will help you lose weight and make you feel completely rejuvenated and energized.

Benefits of Detoxing Your Body:

Where Do Toxins Come From?

Toxicity comes from all sorts of common sources in our environment. You might be surprised to learn some of them!

Symptoms Of Too Many Toxins

There are several symptoms that can develop to let you know you need an herbal liver detox, also called colonic cleansing. These symptoms are the result of an immune system that is not up to peak performance. Also, the lymphatic system, which helps the body fight viruses and bacteria, can also become congested and sluggish. You’ll feel run down and tired no matter how long you sleep. When you detox your body, you'll have more energy to face the day.

10 Tips To Detox Your Body

You can help keep liver function and run smoothly by preventing toxin buildup. A liver that functions well makes such a huge difference - it actually makes all of the other systems in your body work better. The result is that you’ll feel energized, healthy, and fit. You can use a good herbal detox to improve your energy levels and stamina. Here are 10 tips I’ve learned that can help you get started with detoxifying your body.

1. Stay hydrated-  Most people need about eight, 8 ounce glasses of water every day to help detox the liver. Some, such as athletes and pregnant women and athletes will need even more to stay hydrated. I would also suggest drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice right away in the morning. Lemon water acts as a tonic to the liver by helping it to produce more bile, which promotes good digestion throughout the day. Use half a lemon or 2 tbsp. of bottled lemon juice per glass of water. 

2. Sweat out toxins-  Since toxins are expelled from the system through our sweat glands, get in the habit of working out to the point that you’re sweating at least 3 times a week. Alternatively, you can use a sauna to promote sweating for toxin release.

3. Eat fiber- Eating fiber-rich foods like vegetables and whole grains will help you have regular bowel movements, an important function for toxin release.

4. Boost your immune system- To protect your body against illness and disease, eat foods high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Great options include colorful fruits and vegetables, green tea, and unrefined plant oils.

5. Minimize toxin exposure-  Another way to decrease toxin buildup is to avoid exposure to them in the first place! To do so, limit your intake of meat, high fructose corn syrup, additives, and processed fats like hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. I also recommend reducing –or ideally, eliminating the use of chemical-based personal health products and household cleaners. Fortunately, there are plenty of toxin-free, natural products available on the market these days.

6. Reduce carbohydrates-  The body converts simple carbohydrates (sugar, cakes, candy, soft drinks, etc.) into triglycerides (fats in blood), and is stored in the liver as fat. This makes it harder for the liver to work.

7. Reduce alcohol-  Alcohol inflames the liver. And if it’s inflamed it can’t do it job of filtering out toxins. Drinking too much alcohol can badly damage the liver.

8. Exercise-  Work out for 30 to 45 minutes a day. A brisk walk, yoga, Pilates and swimming are all great forms of exercise. Exercise offers many benefits: the improvement in circulation helps you take in more oxygen and pump blood faster. Exercise also relieves stress by releasing chemicals in the brain (endorphins) that make you feel good.

9. Deep breathing-  Take slow, deep breaths periodically throughout the day. This practice will release carbon dioxide and other toxic gases from your body. It also sends extra oxygen into your tissues through the lungs, bloodstream, brain and heart.

10. Take supplements-  You can also detoxify with supplements to boost your body’s natural defenses. You can use a good detox as a short term way to cleanse the liver. A more long term approach is to start taking a good multi-vitamin supplement daily along with a healthy lifestyle. A good source for vitamins is VitaBase, plus you can’t beat their potency and low price.

More Toxins Than Ever

In my opinion, everyone should use an herbal detox at least once per year. Because there are more toxins in the environment than ever, buildup is inevitable, even for those who follow a very healthy lifestyle. If these toxins are not eliminated, chronic issues like fatigue, compromised immunity, disease and other problems can result.

Best Natural Herbal Detox

There are several natural herbal detox products on the market. From my experience the one that works the best is “Detox Drops”. I’ve seen it work wonders for almost all of my former customers and I use it twice a year. It’s a safe herbal formula that removes toxins without any harmful side effects and is easy to use. Detox Drops will improve your energy level, boosts your immune system and makes you feel more energetic and healthier.

So if you’d like to feel more energetic and healthier, refresh and energize yourself with  Detox Drops.

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“I have been struggling with general listlessness for many years. Every day I woke up feeling like I couldn't face the challenges of the day... After taking Detox Drops for only three days, I started to feel more alive and my energy levels increased every day. Detox Drops are great!” Carla- Chicago, IL quoted text