Herbal Medication vs. Drugs

Which Is Better For Your Health?

Herbal medication and conventional medicine...there are two types of medicine to choose from.

Conventional medicine uses drugs that can restrain the body’s natural immune system and cause unwanted side effects. Although it does work well when it comes to surgery, trauma and emergencies.

While herbal medication, which is more cost effective, gets to the root cause of an illness. Natural cures emphasize prevention and help the underlying condition rather than just the symptoms. Natural herbal remedies treat the whole person to boost the immune system to help bring a sustained healing.

Definition: Conventional Medicine / Herbal Medication

People who use conventional medicine look for treatment only when they become ill. They don’t try to find a preventive measure or correct imbalances before they can develop into diseases. Conventional medicine would define health by the absence of disease. This is considered a negative way at looking at something. There is a big difference in the definition of health between the two sides.

On the other hand, natural medicine creates a holistic balance in your body. It works with your entire body to relieve ailments and help prevent future illness...not just relieving the symptoms.

Natural cures use treatments to strengthen the body’s own defenses and helps restore balance to fight disease. The results don’t happen overnight, it’s a slower process especially if your body is out of balance.

Herbal medication uses a gentle long term approach to heal the body from within. Conventional medicine is known for aggressive treatments. It uses terms like “magic bullet” and “quick fixes”. Of course we all like quick fixes...but not at the expense of developing a new problem.

Cost Of Treatments

When it comes to choosing the best remedy for your health, most of us just want the safest and most effective option, whether it’s herbs, food or a pharmaceutical drug. People often turn to herbal medication because they know it’s a natural product, has far fewer unwanted side effects and usually cost less.

For example, almost one in four senior citizens in the U.S. reported skipping doses or not filling their prescriptions because of the high cost of prescription drugs.

Safety Concerns

The many recalls of prescription drugs has casts a shadow on both the pharmaceutical industry and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) causing more people to turn to natural herbal medication. People are concerned that just because the FDA approves a drug, doesn’t guarantee its safety. Today, people want to be fully informed about a drug’s risks and benefits before they use it.

Natural medicine receives less government regulation than drugs, so it’s important to understand how both are regulated.

Regulation Of Drugs

The FDA monitors the safety of pharmaceutical products. Most people would assume that the FDA is actually doing the testing...but this is not the case. The drug companies submit information to the FDA about research from clinical trials to prove the new drugs are safe. There are many experts in the field who believe this practice is bias. They feel that clinical trials can be manipulated in several ways to favor the drug companies.

Regulation Of Herbal Medication

Herbal supplements are regulated as foods in the U.S., not as drugs. Herbal supplement manufactures are responsible for making their products safe, but they generally are not required to register products with the FDA, unless their ingredients are new in the U.S. market.

Natural medicine manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA and use FDA good manufacturing procedures to guarantee that supplements are produced consistently and meet quality standards.

The manufacturer of herbal medication can only print health claims on the packaging and advertising to describe the “effects on reducing the risk of or preventing disease”, only if the FDA gives its approval of the claim. The FDA is responsible for taking action against manufacturers if problems are reported.

Adverse Reactions

Far more people suffer adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs than herbal cures. Monitoring the number of harmful effects is difficult because there’s not a mandatory reporting system for supplements or non-prescription drugs.

However, a published study in “The Lancet” (a leading medical journal) found that there were only a few hundred adverse reactions per year in the U.S. due to dietary supplements. While another study in “The Journal of the American Medical Association” said there were more than 200,000 adverse reactions to prescription drugs reported by hospitals for one year in the U.S., and half of the adverse reactions were fatal.

A Long Healthy Life

Natural herbal remedies are more popular than ever. People are turning to new ways to improve their health and to stay healthy. There have been countless studies that show the therapeutic benefits of various herbs and herbal extracts. The research presents strong evidence that taking herbal supplements along with a healthy diet and lifestyle can lead to a long and healthy life.

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