What is Herbalism?

Herbalism is humanity’s oldest healing practice. Nearly every culture around the world has embraced it during its history, even though different regions had different plants available for use. Human problems are the same, however, so over time herbalists learned to use the plants, seeds, flowers, roots, and bark they found to cure a variety of ailments. This practice, in time, gave rise to various sciences we have today, including botany, chemistry, and pharmacology.

On the other hand the movement towards more holistic living has also lead to people looking into more natural ways to help and heal the body. The sales of herbal supplements are on the rise and people turn to other holistic healers in order to regain a balance of mind, body, and spirit and restore wholeness. Herbal medicine is a large part of the alternative health movement that is gaining ground worldwide today.

How Modern Medicine Treats Patients

The reason for the renewed interest in natural herbal remedies is due in part to our current medical practices.

How Natural Cures Helps Us Towards Wholeness

And that is where holistic treatment such as herbalism differs. Natural remedies recognizes the health of the entire individual. Not just the symptoms are addressed, but also the deeper roots are looked at. Herbalism looks at total wellness not just a quick fix.

As a holistic method, it is not just a list of illnesses and herbs that treat them. Instead herbal remedies work with the body’s natural healing abilities. This is another facet that makes it different from standard medical practice. Rather than pushing something foreign into the body to force a result, herbal medicine works with the body, thus there are few if any side effects.

The Alternative to a Toxic Lifestyle

Many of our health issues today are the result of our alienation from more natural and healthy lifestyles. We eat badly, don’t get enough exercise, and we live in toxic environments full of chemicals, exhaust fumes and other hazards. Is it any wonder we all tend to feel ill and run down most of the time? Then we go to the doctor and what he or she prescribes may produce other health problems.

We need to take better care of ourselves. If we make better lifestyle choices, we can work to preserve health and balance. Proper diet, rest and exercise, a positive attitude, and avoiding smoking and other poisons is a step in the right direction.

It also offers us another way, a boost of positive energy. Since it addresses the whole body/mind/spirit matrix of an individual, it has the chance of deeply healing us down to our basic life force. It is with good reason that it has survived the test of time, proven its effectiveness and is now on the rise in public awareness. It may well be the foundation of a newer and healthier healing modality that we can take advantage of right now.

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