How To Get Rid of Cold Sores

Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Your Cold Sores

Would you like to know how to get rid of cold sores for good? Are you looking for the most effective treatment that is both safe and effective? If you want to find a real solution to this problem and start living without cold sores, this article will help you. Most of us, when we get a cold sore, feel instantly embarrassed and seek out treatments that will make the cold sore disappear as quickly as possible.

There are hundreds of products on the market that claim to stop or eliminate cold sores for good. Most of these products do very little in stopping or slowing down cold sore outbreaks.

This picture shows a very pretty picture of a girl with no signs of having a cold sore.You have to find a treatment for cold sores that tackles the root cause of the problem. In my experience, certain treatments work much better because they provide a real solution – in the case of cold sores remedies, they address the underlying virus. I will explain the reasons we get cold sores and the best methods to help you figure out how to get rid of cold sores.

Expert Advice On Cold Sore Remedies

Do you worry about cold sores? Are you concerned with getting rid of them as quickly as possible so they don’t come back? One of the reasons why they are so difficult to cure is because they are caused by a virus. This not only makes them painful, but it also makes them contagious. So, you can pass these sores on to another person.

Have you tried the typical cold sore remedies that are out there? If so, you no doubt have learned that they can be expensive, could have side effects, and don’t do much to help you get better faster. They likely don’t prevent cold sores from happening. They may not even cause a lasting cure. Once the cold sore “goes away” you will probably get another before too long.

Did you know that most cold sores, informally referred to as “fever blisters”, go away within two weeks anyway? That’s about the time it takes for these “typical” remedies to work. No, chances are, if you are reading this article then you want something that works even faster than that.

This article will provide you with all the facts and information you need to not only help cure them quickly, but to prevent them from coming back.

Proper Diagnosis Of Cold Sores


Once you have confirmed that you really do have a cold sore they are fairly easy to treat. In other words, it is important to have the right diagnosis and confirm that what you have really is a cold sore. To do this, you should visit your doctor to get a diagnosis. Once this happens, you can find a remedy to use.

Why do you need the right diagnosis before you can figure out how to get rid of cold sores? Because, there are some other things that are commonly mistaken for cold sores.

What Are Cold Sores?

If you are looking for ways on how to get rid of cold sores, understanding that this two week cycle runs the same way each time will help you to find the right treatment. Once the cold sore blister appears, it fills up with pus. Eventually, the pus dries. In order to get rid of it, the body then creates a scab over the blister once the pus dries out. The scab then pops off.

Cold Sores Explained - 5 Stages

As mentioned above, a cold store develops and goes away in about a two week time period. In this time, there are five stages that it goes through. Since each of us is different, the length of time each stage lasts depends on the individual. Also, keep in mind that this “two week” time period is just an approximation.

  1. Tingle - This stage usually goes on for one or two days. Some people interpret this “tingling” sensation as itching. The itching usually happens if you have recurring outbreaks.
  2. Blistering - The blister forms next and usually lasts one or two days. You can get many smaller blisters rather than just one. These small blisters often make up the larger sore.
  3. Weeping - This is when the cold sore is at its most contagious. Once the blister is fully formed, it then bursts. This is also when the cold sore is at its most painful.
  4. Crusting - This stage goes on for three or four days. Once it bursts, it the begins to form a scab. The cold sore blister can then crack, itch, burn, and bleed.
  5. Healing - The healing process can last around four days and goes on until the cold sore is fully healed. Once the scabs form, they begin to fall off. The cold sore is considered healed when the last scab falls off.

Knowing how to get rid of cold sores can prevent you from getting them in the first place and also from getting recurrent sores. If you find a great remedy and start taking it in the early stages, you can considerably shorten the life of the cold sore.

How Are Cold Sores Caused?

Knowing how you get cold sores can really help you prevent them. First of all, they are caused by the Herpes Simplex 1 virus, or HSV-1 virus for short. This is a very common virus and it has been estimated that at least fifty per cent of the population has been infected by it. However, the number of people infected can be as high as 80 per cent. Most people don’t even experience symptoms.

How do you get the HSV-1 virus? Mostly, the person you contract it from will have an active cold sore. When you make contact with the cold sore, or something that touched the cold sore, you could get the virus as well.

If you want to know how to get rid of fever blisters it is also important to learn about preventing them. The first thing you can do is avoid coming into contact with the following things, especially if the person has an active cold sore:

These are common ways that the HSV-1 virus can spread indirectly. If you know that someone has a cold sore, it is especially important to avoid them if you want to prevent them. You can also get a cold sore by direct contact and doing things like kissing someone with a cold sore.

Additional Triggers for Getting Cold Sores

During my research on how to get rid of cold sores, I discovered that any type of stress on the body could increase your chance of getting a cold sore. Stress associated with work or family – especially if it causes lack of sleep and stress from a low immune system, can increase your chances of catching a cold or virus.

In addition, certain conditions, including health conditions, can make you more susceptible:

While it is unrealistic to expect that you can avoid all of these scenarios, it is a good idea to do the best you can to avoid them. My research on cold sores has revealed that these things can definitely help you get the HSV-1 more frequently.

Typical Cold Sore Treatments

The typical method for getting rid of cold sores is to just let it go through its natural two week cycle and run its course. However, there are also some medications that people often take in order to help. Most of these are considered anti-viral medications.

These include:

How To Get Rid of Cold Sores / Nutritional Considerations

Many natural remedies for cold sores provide fast cold sore relief. Using some of these cold sore remedies can speed- up healing and slow down future outbreaks.

These cold sore remedies include:

If you suffer from frequent cold sores, you should pay attention to your diet, stress level and exposure to weather – If you are wondering “how do you get cold sores?”, they might be influenced by your environment.

How To Get Rid of Cold Sores- Things You Can Do

It is not only important to think about how nutrition and natural remedies can help your cold sore, but there are also some other things you can do to help. These are essential strategies I would like to share with you.

Best Cold Sore Treatment

I’ve been in the business of helping people with their health for years. Over the course of that time, I have personally tested many different cold sore remedies. I can tell you that a lot of them absolutely don’t work. However, some of them do work quite well. Remember that a cold sore runs its natural course in about two weeks. Any remedy you use needs to speed that process and also possibly prevent any future outbreaks.

1.) “Get Rid of Cold Sores” written by Ellie Gadsby, details a unique method of getting rid of your cold sores in 8-48 hours. This easy to follow publication details a unique method of actually killing viral pathogens responsible for the cold sore virus. It gives you the information on how to heal cold sore blisters in a very natural way, and this remedy is very afforable. This is a simple and powerful self treatment process which borrows it's formulation directly from tried and tested, scientific facts as well as age old remedies. This process can be use on cold sores, oral herpes, herpes Type 1 and the cold sore virus.

By applying the medthods in “Get Rid of Cold Sores” you can get rid of your cold sores in just hours as well as stopping further outbeaks. You really can stop outbreaks using a simple therapy that has been used by thousands of European doctors and alternative health practitioners. Click this link, “Get Rid of Cold Sores” to learn more about this all natural treatment.

So, if you are asking, “How to get rid of cold sores?” and you want to stop the embarrassing blisters, burning, itching in a fast, effective way, I would suggest getting a copy of this publication. Judge for yourself to see if also works for you.

So, if you are wondering how to really get rid of cold sores, this book can help you considerably. Remember this should be used in conjunction with managing your stress levels and keeping your body healthy.

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“Thanks Ms. Gadsby, I applied the ______ just before bed & remarkably the sore had completely dried by the next morning. I followed your instructions in your book for the following day and it seems to have worked. I don't suffer with cold sores all the time like some so I was only looking for a quick fix. This is great & it worked.". Cheers. Tony quoted text