Top 5 Memory Improvement
Tips, Games and Tricks

Memory improvement tips and games have long been touted as having the ability to boost both long and short term memory and attention span. I recommend choosing one of the memory boosters listed below and making time each day to practice and improve your memory.

Top Five Memory Improvement Training Tips:

1. Dual N-Back Training

In 2003 Susanne Jaeggi and a team of researchers used Dual n-back training on subjects who completed 20 minutes of memory training a day. The results showed that both fluid intelligence and IQ increased. According to Jaeggi the game helps train the brain in a way that raises general intelligence levels. Dual n-back training has been proven to aid general brain enhancement.

The objective of the game is to improve your working memory. To do this you gradually increase the number of items you can “hold” in your mind at a time. Most people can hold around seven or eight items in their working memory. The better your short-term memory, the better your problem solving skills are likely to be.

You’ll need to complete 20 Dual n-back sessions every day to achieve similar results to the study but each session only takes a minute.

2. Lost in Migration

This is a game to help improve your attention span. Lost in Migration trains you to fully focus on what is in front of you. Without proper focus, information does not enter your consciousness and you won’t remember it. The key to good concentration is learning how to avoid distraction and becoming more productive. Perfecting this game is one of the best memory improvement tips I have discovered and one I recommend to all my clients.

3. Memory Systems

Memory systems teach us how to set up “filing cabinets” in our mind. We use cabinets to organize and categorise our documents. The same theory holds true in memory systems. These make use of visual cues to locate information in the brain. Our capacity to store information is unlimited but our minds can be disorganized, making it difficult to access.

Memory systems make use of visualization and “substitute words” which can be used to create memory cues. People remember images better than abstract information which makes this an effective tool. Types of memory systems include:

4. Mnemonics  (with a silent "m")

If you’ve ever studied for an exam you’ve probably used mnemonics. I certainly remember making use of them to remember the list and order of planets and for remembering the Periodic Table of Elements. Here are some examples you might recognise:

5. Increasing Your Reading Speed

Our moms were right! Fast readers are fast learners and increasing your speed can help you to remember more effectively. Experts recommend:

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