Finding The Best Nail Fungus Treatment

“Top 10 Nail Fungus Products Tested and Reviewed”

Choosing a nail fungus treatment can be a difficult task. Most treatments take months before you even know they are working; meanwhile, you feel uncomfortable with discolored, distorted toenails and possibly physical pain. That is why I decided to review the top nail fungus treatments on the market. You need a reliable source to let you know how to cure toenail fungus in the fastest, most effective and affordable way.

I have comprised a list of the 10 most popular products that offer a cure for fungus, summarizing the pros and cons of each. My hope is that you will save time and money by choosing the best nail fungus treatments from the start to eliminate nail fungus.

Expert Advice on Nail Fungus Treatment

Make sure you buy any health product directly from the manufacturer or an authorized retailer. I found a couple of black market nail fungus treatments for sale trying to pass as brand name products. It's not a good idea to buy personal health products from ebay or even because the product could be fake and made in a foreign country like China.

Rating the Top 10 Nail Fungus Treatment Products

With the large number of Nail Fungus Treatment products advertised on the Internet, I realized how difficult a task it is you to find the right product. Almost all claim to provide a fast cure for fungus, but how do you determine which ones live up to their promises so you don't waste your money on products that don't work.

        I decided to rate these products based on the following guidelines:

1. Consumer Product Reviews – I found reviews from consumers that actually used the products at places such as “Public Health Forums,” “E-Opinions,” “Consumer Health Digest,” and “Consumer Reports.” Review websites are helpful because they provide you with a consumer’s first hand experience using the product, dealing with customer service as well as whether a company backed-up their guarantee with an easy return policy.

2. Most Effective Ingredients – My aim was to fine products that contained safe (no dangerous side effects) components that successfully addressed the fungus on toenail; products that met this criterion and worked fast are rated higher.

3. Manufacturer Guarantee – An indication that the company believes consumer will be satisfied with their nail fungal product.

4. Reliable Testimonials – One way to tell the validity of a consumer review is to know whether a company solicited the comments in exchange for payment or free products. If you research any product, do your best to make sure reviews are independent by looking at the reviewer’s policy, checking for consistency among different review sites and looking to see if the manufacturer offers deals for favorable comments.

5. Recommended Products – I am more open to considering a nail fungus treatment suggested by healthcare professionals, who have no connection to the manufacturing company.

What is a Fungal Infection?

Before discussing individual products, I’d like to provide you with some background on toe fungus in hopes that you will understand why certain fungus treatments work much better than others.

The first signs of toe fungus include white spots, yellow streaking or light discoloring along the sides of the nail.

Other signs of infection include:

For some, the nail infection is an unsightly embarrassing problem, while others may experience mild to moderate pain.

Causes of Nail Fungus

Anyone can get a fungal infection, but certain people are more susceptible than others. If you have a compromised immune system, poor circulation or diabetes you have a greater risk of getting fungus on the toenail.

Fungi thrive in dark, damp environments; exposure to wet floors in public showers and pool/gym changing rooms, an inability to keep your feet dry throughout the day, poor hygiene and wearing nail polish or fake nails all increase your risk of nail fungus infection.

The Dangers of Using Pills For Nail Fungus

Your physician can prescribe oral or topical nail fungus treatment medications. Oral medications are “systemic” meaning they are processed in the body; unlike a topical solution or many natural treatments that directly target the fungus on toenails, these medications have many adverse effects.

The most common oral anti-fungal prescription medications are:

Taken daily for a minimum of six weeks to treat fingernail fungus and double for toenail fungus, most people experience gastroenterological effects. Medications can have dangerous interactions if taken with beta-blockers, tricycle antidepressants or certain other medications. Liver damage is the most serious, life-threatening risk, marked by early signs such as jaundice, dark urine and loss of appetite.

Keep in mind: in addition to the many dangerous side effects of each drug, you have to take these drugs every day for 6-12 weeks and they cost between $3.50 to $5 per pill.

Surgery to Treat Nail Fungus

A toenail fungus treatment performed by a podiatrist or foot doctor, surgery involves permanent removal of the infected nail. Common reasons people consider surgery include unsuccessful nail fungus treatment, recurring infections and extreme pain.

However, surgery to rid fungus on toenails is costly, painful and insurance does not cover the multiple laser treatments needed to destroy toe fungus.

Top Products for Nail Fungus Treatment

The side effects of prescription nail fungal medications or the extreme option of permanent nail removal are discouraging possibilities. However, there are safe alternatives that offer a cure for fungus. As stated above, I researched the top products available and discovered the fastest working remedies which are both safe, effective and affordable.

With ratings up to five stars, I’ve listed them from most to least effective. I’ve included the active ingredients, estimated time for results and any additional information that may help you find a nail fungus cure that works for you.

Nail Fungus Treatment – Top 10 Products Reviewed

Nail Fungus Treatment - ZetaClear1. ZetaClear is a top pick. I feel fully confident recommending this two-step nail fungus treatment. A brushed-on topical application works to heal the nail and surrounding skin, while a twice-daily homeopathic oral spray targets the nail fungus at its source.

In my research I found that ZetaClear is made of entirely natural ingredients, has no known side effects and is a safe, fast and effective cure for fungus. Many reviewers claim this is the best nail fungus treatment – customers who spent years hiding yellow, disfigured toenails, praise this product.

The makers of ZetaClear understand how to cure toenail fungus for good, but keep in mind it will take months before you can show off your rejuvenated, healthy nails.

Nail Fungus Treatment - PurNail2. PurNail is also one of my top recommendations when clients ask me how to cure toenail fungus. With results appearing within 3-5 months for the majority of users, PurNail requires twice daily applications. Consistent amongst review sites, this fungal treatment received very high ratings for effectiveness, fast treatment time and overall satisfaction.

What I found most notable about this treatment was the number of people who had suffered severe fungal infections for years, with little to no success with conventional treatments. Then, after a few weeks of using PurNail they began to feel and see relief.

PurNail penetrates the nail plate and attacks the nail fungal infection at its source; it also contains tea tree oil –known for its powerful anti-fungal and anti-biotic properties.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Funginex3. Funginex Also containing Tea Tree and Undecylenic Acid, Funginex contains is an effective (almost) all natural product. This nail fungus treatment formula is made up of anti-fungals, anti-septics and astringents; compounds that allow for penetration into the nail matrix as well as compounds to heal the surrounding skin.

Users comment on its pleasant smell as well as its effectiveness against nail fungal odor. It takes 5-6 months for your nails to completely heal. Funginex is a very cost effective product.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Nail-RX4. Nail-RX – containing only four ingredients, Nail-RX can treat toe and fingernail fungus. With Tea Tree Oil the primary fungal fighter, Clove and Lavender are included primarily for their analgesic and antiseptic properties, while Lemongrass for its pleasant smell.

Nail-RX is applied two or three times a day, onto clean, dry nails; even though results may appear within three weeks, consumers are instructed to continue use until a healthy nail has grown back completely. Reviews list this for nail fungus treatment and prevention.

Although this product has positive reviews, when looking at the list of ingredients and price, I wonder if applying undiluted Tea Tree Oil would garner similar effects. Consumers seemed overall pleased with results, but felt customer service was strongly lacking.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Tineacide5. Tineacide – recommended as an OTC nail fungus treatment by doctors, this formula contains standard natural anti-fungals remedies such as Tea Tree Oil. Like similar products, results can be seen in as few as 3-5 weeks; however, full fungus treatment requires 3-12 months of twice-daily application.

The emollient components help to soften nails and heal dry or cracked skin surrounding the nail. In addition, this counters the burning sometimes associated with Undecylenic acid. Users thought it took too long to see results.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Dr. Smith6. Dr.Smith’s Toenail Fungus Treatment – as far as I can tell, this is simply Tea Tree Oil; purchasing undiluted Tea Tree will yield the same results, while saving you money.

Nail Fungus Treatment - H-Nail Fungus7. H-Nail Fungus – a blend of essential oils put out by Healthy Natural Oils, I concur with the mixed reviews I found for this nail fungus cure.

Rather than providing an easy applicator or brush, you need to place a drop of H-Nail onto the affected nails and rub it in. I feel this method of application puts you at risk of inadvertently spreading the infection to other toes or contracting a fingernail fungus.

I would have a hard time recommending this product based on value, consistency and safety. Also troubling were comments about poor customer service – one review stated the representative knew nothing about the product.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Nail-Tek8. Nail-Tek – physician approved, yet very little information is available about the other ingredients in this product. Consumer reviews note that it takes a long time to work, but many were satisfied with the results.

Nail-Tek is a company that produces many different nail-care products; upon visiting their website, I was unable to find out information about guarantees, ingredients or even directions for use. Although this topical nail fungus treatment medication does not appear to have any side effects, I feel more comfortable recommending one of the above natural products which seem to work better and faster.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Nail-Tek9. Dermisil – Only containing two ingredients, you will need to apply the solution to your nail using a Q-tip for 9-12 months.

I have two reservations recommending this product: first, the components are Lemongrass and Tea Tree – oddly listed as “plant extracts” as if to deceive consumers into thinking it was something else; second, you’re not getting a lot for what you pay; third, when I clicked on “nail fungus” on the website, I was repeatedly taken to a “poison ivy” treatment; and, lastly, the manufacture guarantee only applies if you make your purchase through the Dermisil website.

Nail Fungus Treatment - Claripro10. Claripro – despite a number of positive reviews, I am not comfortable endorsing this nail fungus treatment for the sole fact that I was unable to find a list of active or inactive ingredients. I searched the company website, which only offered generic information and an order form, as well as a number of independent review and merchant sites – all merely say “proprietary formula of all-natural oils.”

In addition, I was unable to find definitive information as to whether this product was a homeopathic spray, topical solution or both.

The Best Nail Fungus Treatment

Containing powerful and effective ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil and Undecylenic Acid, along with consistent positive reviews, I feel confident that ZetaClear and PurNail offer the best nail fungus treatment. Both offer a no-hassle money-back guarantees, comprehensive formulas that naturally target the root of the problem and are listed among the top products on almost every review site.

Keeping in mind that it may take some time before you see results, try ZetaClear or PurNail and see how quickly you can get rid of your nail fungus.


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