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A good natural arthritis treatment using natural ingredients can offer great relief to a person suffering from arthritis symptoms. Joint pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility are all symptoms of the three main forms of arthritis namely osteoarthritis, rheumatoid and infectious arthritis. All forms of arthritis cause inflammation, cartilage loss, deformation, pain and stiffness, eventually leading to significant disfigurement and loss of mobility in both small and large joints.

Top 10 Natural Treatments for Arthritis

1. Food

I believe strongly in using food as medicine in the body and nowhere is this more relevant than in the treatment of arthritis. I have seen this work not only for my patients but myself too. Not only can avoiding certain foods help to ease the pain and inflammation of arthritis but there are several foods, which, when included in the diet can help to treat the symptoms of the condition.

If you have arthritis you should include the following beneficial foods in the diet:


Foods to avoid:

2. Vitamins

Vitamins are another great natural arthritis treatment. Arthritis sufferers should include daily vitamin supplements in their diet as a natural arthritis cure. Supplementation of essential nutrients for bone, cartilage and muscle is a great arthritis treatments and are helpful in easing pain, stiffness, inflammation and helping to provide essential nutrients include vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium.

3. Weight loss

Being overweight and particularly obesity places additional strain on joints, ligaments, cartilage and muscles. If you have arthritis, I strongly recommend losing any unwanted pounds. Many of my customers have obtained significant relief merely by losing excess weight.

4. Exercise

I strongly recommend gentle, consistent and sustained exercise as an effective natural arthritis treatment. Any exercise which works to ease and doesn’t aggravate your pain is acceptable for arthritis sufferers. Good options are:

5. Glucosamine

Glucosamine is found naturally in joint cartilage. Shrimp, lobster and crab shells are utilised to supply this compound for human supplementation. It can help to slow down the rate at which cartilage becomes degraded as well as prevent pain and increase joint flexibility.

6. Chondroiton

Chondroiton is a natural component of cartilage and bone. Chondroiton sulphate supplements are derived from pork by-products or cow tracheas. Most studies done on chondroiton involved participants with knee arthritis but in these studies supplementation helped with pain, stiffness, mobility and caused osteoarthritis to progress at a much slower rate.

7. Omega 3

If you have arthritis you should include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. These can be consumed as foods high in Omega 3 oils such as avocado pears and salmon, trout, tuna and sardines. A different form of Omega 3 called alpha linolenic acid is found in oils from flaxseed, olive and in green, leafy vegetables. If you suffer from severe arthritis pain I recommend taking a high potency Omega 3 supplement such as salmon oil or flaxseed as a great natural arthritis treatment.

8. Topical remedies

Capsaicin is an effective natural arthritis treatment that is available without a prescription. It is produced from the compound that gives chilli peppers its zing. Nerve endings that cause pain are numbed and in so doing arthritis pain is relieved.

9. Physical therapy

If you have arthritis, seeing a physiotherapist can be of immense help in relieving pain and improving mobility. Physical therapists are experts in the field of physical movement and flexibility. Not only can they soothe away pain, trapped muscle and stiffness but they can also prescribe a range of exercises to do at home that acts as a great all natural treatment to help ease arthritis.

10. JointEase Plus. – My Top Pick for Arthritis Pain Relief

JointEase Plus is an effective natural arthritis cure which I recommend to most of my customers for the treatment of pain, stiffness and inflammation in their joints. I always get positive feedback from clients who use JointEase Plus. I personally use the product for mild arthritis in the back of my neck.

Cartilage is rejuvenated and joints and ligaments soothed and lubricated when using this product. JointEase contains a combination of dietary supplements and soothing herbs which lessen the pain and joint and muscular stiffness associated with arthritis.

JointEase Plus. is a great natural arthritis treatment which is effective on the large joints but also helps ease the smaller joints of the elbows, hands, feet and knees. It helps heal and restore connective tissue and regular use can help to restore your quality of life.

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“I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and. I have tried dozens of treatments over the years. My wife discovered your website and ordered JointEase Plus, without telling me. I tried it and to my great surprise in just 3 days at two pills twice a day I felt WONDERFUL. This formula is FABULOUS!” —Stuart M., TX quoted text