Expert Advice On Natural Prostate Remedy

“Relieve Prostate Symptoms Without Drugs”

Are you looking for a safe and natural prostate remedy to relieve your symptoms...without the unwanted side effects of drugs?  Several studies have shown that natural herbal remedies can reduce prostate size and without any health complication.

Why Your Prostate Causes Problems?

The prostate gland, should be about one inch in size. It produces seminal fluid and wraps around the urethra which is below the bladder. As men get older the amount of testosterone in their blood decreases...this leaves a higher proportion of estrogen. Estrogen increases the conditions that promote cell growth in the prostate. This usually happens to men starting at around age 50.

As it grows, it squeezes the urethra. As a result...since urine travels down the urethra, the pressure from an enlarged prostate affects bladder control. For prostate health find a quality natural prostate remedy.

Common Symptoms of Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPH)
Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) is the most common disorder of the prostate. Using a natural ingredients can help with this problem.

I would suggest you do something about this condition because if left untreated, Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPH) can cause serious problems over time.

Benign Prostate Enlargement Can Cause:This is a cut away drawing of a male and shows where the prostate gland is located.

Two other disorders of the prostate are: (a natural prostate remedy will not help with these two disorders)

1. Prostatitis-  An inflammatory infection commonly treated using antibiotics. Treatment for prostatistis vary among urologists depending on the type of prostatitis you have. Correct diagnosis is crucial and treatments vary.                  

2. Cancer of the Prostate-  This is the second largest cancer killer of men in
    Western countries.

Take Action Now

I’ve noticed that a number of men with an enlarged prostate don’t deal with it for months or even years before asking about treatment for their problem. I recommend having a PSA Blood Test (prostate surface antigen) and “digital rectal exam” yearly to catch the first signs of any problems. Also, if you have a severe problem urinating, you should see your could be something that’s more serious than BPH.

Unwanted Side Effects Of Prostate Drugs


When the enlargement is not too severe, doctors often use prescription drugs to treat BPH. Drugs that are prescribed are usually alpha-blockers or Proscar. These medications have their risks because of dangerous side effects. Also, the cost of these drugs for the treatment of BPH is about $900 a year. (U.S.dollars)  A quality natural prostate remedy will cost less and not have these side effects.

Common Side Effects of Prostate Drugs:

Get Relief The Natural Way

Natural prostate remedy-  You can use a natural prostate treatment to improve or eliminate most male prostate problems. I only recommend these prostate supplements for BPH and not prostatitis or cancer of the prostate. For optimal health you should also be taking vitamin and mineral supplements for good prostate health.

Proof that it works-  The prostate supplement “Saw Palmetto” has been shown in scientific studies to shrink an enlargement and inflammation of the prostate and reduce the hormones which cause an enlarged prostate. This herb, which causes no side effects, blocks the development of the growth-stimulating hormone, dihydrotestosterone and lowers the estrogen levels. In several clinical studies, the herb saw palmetto was more effective in the treatment of BPH than the drug Proscar.

Other studies have show that the plant, Willow herb and African potato extract, can reduce prostate enlargement, reduce inflammation and improve sexual function. There’s even a German study about BPH treatments that showed Willow herb and African potato extract was as effective as Proscar and both herbs have no side effects.

Safe Prostate Remedy

I have tried several prostate products, but the only one I use is called “Prostate Dr.” This product really works fast and has no unwanted side effects. Hundreds of my former customers have also used Prostate Dr. with excellent results.

It’s a liquid with high quality, potent extracts that naturally relieves your prostate symptoms. Saw palmetto, willow herb and African potato extracts are use to make this...and it’s probably the most effective natural prostate treatment I have found so far. 

Enjoy life to the fullest and start living life without the constant urge to go to the bathroom. Judge for yourself and see if “Prostate Dr.” works for you.



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“After just one week after I started taking Prostate Dr. I felt better... I bought 3 bottles and I am finishing the last one. I am almost ready to place another order of Prostate Dr. I really recommend it.”
Gary, AR, USA quoted text