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If you are seeking relief for constipation, this article will be able to help you. I have searched for tips on remedies, relief and prevention of constipation and put together the best of all three.
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First, though, what is constipation? Constipation most commonly occurs in women (especially those who are pregnant) and those people age 65 and older. How do you know if you are constipated? Constipation is the passing of hard, dry stool less than three times a week. And constipation can also make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. You may also find yourself straining during bowel movements.

Natural Relief For Constipation

The relief of constipation for some can be as simple as eating more fiber. The recommend daily allowance of fiber is 20 to 25 grams, yet most of us only take in 10 to 15 grams. Insoluble fiber passes through the body unchanged, which makes stool bulky and softer, making it easier to pass.

Insoluble fiber comes from vegetables, whole grains and fruits. So, as a remedy for constipation, eat whole grain bread, brown rice, wheat bran, broccoli, apples and carrots (and many others).

Soluble fiber is good too. It dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance in your intestines. This helps to pass stool as well. Add flaxseed to your morning cereal or grab a bowl of oatmeal.


It is important to remember that when adding fiber to your diet to get relief for constipation , add it slowly. If you add too many grams all at once, you will experience bloating and stomach discomfort and that’s not what you want.

Another natural way to get rid of constipation is to drink enough water throughout the day. It can make it easier to pass bowel movements, as they will be softer.

Other constipation natural remedies include goldenseal, milk thistle and even honey. Try honey in a cup of tea and see if that doesn’t help your constipation—it tastes good and may bring you relief.

Finally, a really great way to get natural constipation relief is to exercise. It seems that everything can be helped with exercise, and constipation is no different. If you do not get enough exercise it will lead to constipation, and exercising when you have constipation can bring relief.

Fiber Supplements

Another simple idea that is a remedy for constipation is to add a fiber supplement to your daily diet. While not among the constipation natural remedies, it is a good option. You can find fiber supplements that are flavored and can be added to a glass of water, or a fiber supplement tablet that can be taken orally.


There are both herbal laxatives that you find at an herbal shop and ‘regular’ laxatives that you can buy in the drugstore. Laxatives hurry the stimulation of undigested food to evacuate the bowels. These should only be taken in moderation, as needed. Most mild constipation does not call for laxatives.

Herbal laxatives can be constipation natural remedies. These laxatives stimulate the bowels, and people can become dependent upon them. If you use them too much, your body can become dependent upon them. Herbal laxatives include senna, aloe, rhubarb, buckthorn and ‘dieters’ teas’. Again, be careful with these. They can help, but only use when necessary.


Taking daily probiotics can help to regulate the gut. Probiotics contain live microorganisms that are naturally present in your digestive tract anyway, and these additional organisms can help to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, improve the immune system and improve digestive track help. Some research shows that they may help with constipation as well, but more studies need to be done.

Bio Feedback

Another way to find constipation relief is through bio feedback. Bio feedback is a therapy that helps pelvic floor dysfunction. If you have this condition, your pelvic floor muscles do not function properly. Research studies into this treatment have been very promising, so if you have this condition—it may result from obesity, an enlarged prostate or childbirth, see your doctor and talk about bio feedback as a way to relieve constipation.


Enemas can provide relief for constipation, but they do have side effects. Enemas introduce fluid into the intestines through your rectum. This will soften impacted stool, and loosen the rectum. This stimulates a large bowel movement.


Relief for constipation can also come from acupuncture. Acupuncture can provide relief from many problems, included the inability to conceive, weight gain, migraine headaches and so forth. Constipation is just another of these. Acupuncturists put pressure on a spot around the large intestine in order to provide constipation relief.

Take Magnesium

A daily magnesium supplement can also provide relief for constipation. It has been shown that a magnesium deficiency does cause constipation, so I say take a daily supplement. Magnesium contributes to proper muscle function, and that includes the intestinal muscles.

And finally, if you notice a change in your bowel movement habits, check with your doctor. Bowel movements do vary, so do not be too upset if yours do. If they continue to do so, then you need to take notice.

Just remember that when you have to go, go! If you put off a bowel movement, it can actually lead to constipation, as the stool will absorb more water, making it harder to go. Simple relief from constipation in the future can be as simple as going to the bathroom now.

Relief For Constipation

After testing several natural constipation remedies, the product I personally use is “Natural Moves”. My former customers were also big fans of this product. This natural constipation formula promotes healthy regular bowel movements. It is a gentle laxative and works in about 6 to 12 hrs. It relieves the straining, bloating and uncomfortable feeling you get during bowel movements. Natural Moves is a safe natural constipation herbal treatment.

This constipation remedy will also help clean your liver of toxins and promotes regular bowel movements. Jude for yourself... try Natural Moves and see how it works for you.


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“If you are suffering from constipation try this product! I don't have a problem every day, but because I don't exercise much and my diet is not always the best, I sometimes have a problem. Natural Moves really helps me!” Hannah G.-Houston, TX