60 Safe Weight Loss Tips

“Looking For Quick & Effective Weight Loss Tips
  That Really Work?”

If you are looking for tips on safe weight loss, I’ve put together a list of 60 for you. Hopefully you will find something here that will help you lose weight and inches and keep it off.
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Expert Advice On Weight Loss

In this article you’ll find important advice and information  to help you on your journey to shape up, lose weight and just feel more fit.

1. Drink Plenty of Water
It is important to drink plenty of water when you are trying to lose weight, because water helps the kidneys cleanse the body—it is the most natural way to detoxify the body, and helps with bowel movements. It also helps to ward off snacking, because sometimes a hunger pain is a signal that your body needs water.

2. Keep a Record
Write down everything you eat for three days, and then look back over it to see where you can cut extra calories to help you streamline your diet to lose weight. When you think about what you eat, you often forget the little things—like the bite you eat off your kid’s plate, or the food you eat as you cook. Grazing can really add up, so write it all down.

3. Eat Five Meals a Day
Eating five small meals a day, rather than three big ones, can keep your weight down by keeping you from feeling hungry and it can increase metabolism. Eating small meals promotes weight loss and means that your blood sugar won’t spike and the hunger stays at bay, keeping you from overeating.


4. Walk and Lose Weight
The Surgeon General suggests that adults get 60 minutes of exercise a day, and walking is a great cardiovascular exercise. Walking is perfect for weight reduction, because it can burn 400 calories per hour, which really adds up.

5. Workout With a Buddy
Research shows that those who schedule exercise sessions with a friend lose weight faster than those who work out alone. Why? Because if you have an appointment to exercise with a friend, you are more likely to keep it since you won’t want to disappoint a friend. And, social activities help to burn more calories. Laughing and joking actually burns calories so as you walk, jog or cycle you can burn even more!

6. Skip Seconds for Safe Weight Loss
A good weight lose tip is to make it your policy not to go back for seconds. Know that one helping of everything is enough and wait to feel full. It takes a while for your stomach to signal your brain that it has had enough, so wait for it. If you truly are hungry, then have a little more, but if you decide to stop at one serving you will be amazed at the weight loss that can come from just that one change to your diet.

7. Change Your Dinnerware
Rather than eating off a dinner plate, start to eat meals off of salad plates. When you have less space to fill, you will eat less—especially if you make it a policy not to go back for seconds. This one small weight loss tip could really add up to same drastic and quick weight loss! If it’s not on the plate, you can’t eat it.

8. Don’t ‘Diet’
A diet seems to say that you are only adopting eating habits for a short period of time. Think of your ‘diet’ as a long term commitment—a lifestyle change. If you can adopt healthy eating habits for life, your weight loss can become a permanent weight reduction, not something which will reverse itself, causing you to yo-yo diet. That is the key to safe weight loss.

9. Keep Track of Your Steps for Safe Weight Loss
Wearing a pedometer will really make you aware of how many steps you take each day. As stated above, walking more is an effective weight loss strategy, so aim to take an extra thousand steps a day to lose weight. The pedometer will track your every step, and soon you will see how just how easy it is to add those extra steps.

10. Set a Curfew
Resolve not to eat after 8 p.m. This is one great way to encourage weight loss. If you do not take in any extra calories after eight p.m., you will not find yourself in the kitchen, searching for a late night snack. Many people find they eat well during the day, but then when they are in front of the TV at night, they start mindless munching. Don’t do it! If you curb that nightly snack habit think of all the calories you will save—and that can add up to some quick weight loss!

11. Add Some Scents to Your Diet
Another quick weight loss tip is to sniff a cantaloupe, apple or peppermint whenever you are feeling hungry. Recent research has shown that the more you sniff these things, the less hungry you feel. Basically, you are tricking your brain into thinking you’ve already eaten. Try purchasing candles in these scents and keeping them around your home or office.

12. Speaking of Grapefruit
Research has also shown that a grapefruit, or half a grapefruit, eaten before a meal has a tremendous effect on weight reduction. Grapefruits are full of fiber, and eating one before meals helps to fill you up, making you eat less during your meals. This can have a significant effect—as the calories you don’t eat will really add up. It is a way to lose weight fast and promote safe weight loss. If you don’t like grapefruits, try an apple!

13. Watch Your Alcohol Intake
One very safe weight loss tip is to eschew alcohol completely. Did you know that alcohol in the body gets converted right to sugar? It is true. So, if you must have a drink, find “skinny” versions of your favorites, like the “skinny margarita”, or opt for wine instead. Just be sure to order a glass of wine, not the bottle!

14. Brush Your Teeth
Another way to lose weight is to simply brush your teeth after every meal. You know the way clean teeth feel? And how your mouth tastes after mouthwash? Usually you are loathe to dirty those clean teeth or even eat when your mouth tastes of mouthwash, so brushing those teeth after every meal will keep you from snacking.

15. Have it On the Side
By now, everyone knows that one of the great tips for losing weight is ordering the dressing on the side. It is the best way to cut down on those unwanted salad dressing calories, but if you start ordering other things on the side, you can use this idea to help you cut calories elsewhere. Order the mayo on the side, the cheese on the side, the bacon bits and croutons on the side.

16. Salads
Speaking of salads and salad dressing, there are other weight loss tips to make your salad healthier. Cutting out the cheese, bacon bits and croutons are excellent ways to cut the calories off your salad and make it a healthier meal—a surefire path to safe weight loss.

17. Herbs
Herbal weight loss is all the rage these days, but what works? Green tea! Green tea is a safe herbal weight loss product that really reaps the benefits. Green tea contains catechins that promote safe weight loss and increase metabolism. Shoot for drinking several mugs of green tea a day. Since it has less caffeine than coffee, start your day with a cup, and have it again in the afternoon. It does have caffeine, though, so try not to drink it too close to bedtime. Don’t like the taste of green tea? Go for a green tea supplement to lose weight.

18. Juicing For Weight Loss
Juicing has a wealth of benefits that will help you regain your healthy weight and keep you fit.  If a healthy diet and nutrition program is important on your list of priorities, you will soon discover that juicing for weight loss is the optimal option.

19. Pack a Lunch
Bringing your lunch to work is a great way to cut calories and lose weight. If you pack your own nutritious lunch, you will not find yourself opting for fast food, saving both calories and fat grams (and money!). Pack something both nutritious and filling so that you can make it through the rest of your afternoon without feeling hungry, or pack some nutritious snacks as well. A handful of nuts or an apple mid-afternoon can really pack the benefits. They will increase metabolism, alleviate hunger and keep you from going to the vending machine!

20. Shop the Perimeter of the Market
Another safe weight loss tip is to shop smarter. The outer perimeter of the grocery store is where the fresh fruits and vegetables are and where you will find the fresh meat. Avoiding going down the aisles where you will find processed foods. Stick to a list of healthy foods, allowing one splurge item per trip and soon you will really lose weight fast!

21. Avoid Processed Foods
Shopping smart is a great safe weight loss tip, especially if you resolve to cut back, or cut out, processed foods. Not all processed foods are bad, but avoid ones that use a lot of preservatives or sugar and salt. Remember if it will go bad if it sits out, it is an unprocessed food. If it can stay good forever on your counter, that’s a processed food!

22. Add Fiber to Your Diet
One of the best tips for losing weight is to add more fiber to your diet. Fiber is really the key to feeling full and avoiding overeating. The USDA recommends that Americans shoot for 25 grams of fiber in their diets each day, but sadly most people only consume a fraction of that. If you add foods like oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread, apples, broccoli, etc to your diet, you will find that you hit the 25 grams a day mark easily and that you feel fuller on less calories. In addition, your body will be more regular and that is also a key to safe weight loss.

23. Chia Seeds
When we read the word ‘chia’ we all probably flash on the commercials and hear the jingle for a particular plantar, but seriously, chia seeds are a great safe weight loss tool—an all natural, almost herbal weight loss tool. Chia seeds have been around for centuries. These tiny seeds can be added to your oatmeal, your yogurt, your smoothies, and on and on. Amazingly, the chia seed can absorb ten times its weight in water, so when these seeds are ingested they make you feel full and actually put up a barrier in your stomach against carbohydrates. This safe weight loss tip keeps your blood sugar low and also keeps you feeling fuller longer. In addition, they contain protein and Omega-3s.

24. Portion Control
Another safe weight loss idea is to watch your portion sizes. Most people think they are eating one serving, when they are actually eating two or three. It is very important to know what a serving is, and be able to recognize it by just looking—since we don’t all have scales in our kitchens or purses. Even if you are eating all the right foods, if you are eating too much of them, you will still gain weight.

25. Take Half Home
When dining out, a good weight loss tip is to always ask for a ‘to go’ box right way, and cut your entrée in half, boxing the other up. You will have a readymade meal for the next day, and will have saved yourself hundreds of calories.

26. Increase Your Intensity To Lose Weight
If you are already a walker, jogger, cyclist or exerciser of any kind and you find you have hit a plateau—where you are no longer seeing results from your workouts, up the intensity. Add short bursts of faster running or add power walks. Whatever it is you do, just adding a bit more intensity will really increase the calorie burn, and it will increase metabolism for up to ninety minutes after your workout is through!

27. Never Skip Breakfast For Weight Loss
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you also know that it can increase metabolism right off the bat? It is true. Your body has been fasting for hours when you wake up and your blood sugar has plummeted, slowing the metabolism. Taking in proteins, fats and carbs (all of the good kinds, of course) first thing in the morning will rev that metabolism and get you burning calories. If you do not do this, you can really sabotage your weight loss goals.

28. Eat After Exercise
Eating within thirty minutes of exercise is essential. Otherwise, your body will begin to ‘feast’ on your stored protein—your muscles. Not a good idea!

29. Eat Enough
We talk about cutting calories, but make sure that you do not cut too many. Eating too few calories can be just as dangerous as eating too many. If you put your body into starvation mode, it will begin to store as many calories as it can and will eat your muscles for food! This is not the way to safe weight loss!

30. Be Wary of ‘Light’ Foods
Too many times light foods take out fat but add sugar. So, the total fat grams may be less in the new and ‘improved’ version of your favorite snack food, but compare the nutrition labels. Most times, the calorie count has gone up while the fat content has gone down.

31. Read Labels for Safe Weight Loss
Speaking of nutrition labels be sure to read them. An informed consumer is a savvy consumer, so know what is in your foods, and how much. Compare product labels before buying. Find products with fewer ingredients, fewer ‘bad’ fat grams and fewer calories. Look for ones with more fiber, more healthy fats and more protein.

32. If it Sounds Too Good to Be True…
It probably is. We all know this and we are all intelligent people, but sometimes late at night those weight loss ads can really pull you in. If it promises you will lose multiple pounds in days or weeks, do not believe the hype. It is only safe to drop a pound or two a week, so keep that in mind--and save your money!

33. Lift Weights
You know that doing cardiovascular exercise helps you lose weight, but did you know that lifting weights can help you burn even more throughout the course of your day? It’s true. Lifting weights not only increase metabolism for hours after your workout, but it builds muscle that promotes weight loss because muscle burns fat all day long, and all night, too, no matter what you are doing.

34. Lift Heavier Weights
If you are already participating in a resistance training program and lifting weights, try adding more weight to give yourself an extra challenge. Your body gets used to a weight and after a while it no longer works as hard to lift it. Adding more weight will increase muscle mass, meaning you will burn even more calories during the day AND it will decrease the amount of body fat you have, so you get that slender look you are seeking! Don’t worry, ladies, women don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies to bulk up, you will just get leaner!

35. Make Time for Exercise
You schedule all of your other appointments; why not do the same for your workouts? In order to lose weight, you have to make the time, so do it! Workout first thing in the morning so that nothing else can come along and get in the way.

36. Do the Mediterranean Diet Thing
One diet that has been in the news often is the Mediterranean Diet, and now even the USDA has gotten on board. The new food pyramid strongly mirrors the Mediterranean Diet, with suggestions to use more olive oil, more fish, more plant foods, beans, nuts and teas for safe weight loss—and less or no sugars, processed foods or saturated fats.

37. Get Your Zzz’s
Sleep is a necessary component of any weight loss program, and studies have recently shown that not getting enough sleep can actually make you fatter! If you don’t sleep enough, you will tend to eat more during the day, thinking that will wake you up. In addition, the levels of leptin are lowered in those who do not get enough sleep, and leptin is the necessary component our bodies manufacture to control appetite.

38. Think and Chew
If you think about eating, and chew longer, during dinner you will savor your food more and you’re less likely to overeat. Turn off the TV, put away the reading material, simply concentrate on the meal and you will be less likely to mindlessly eat. That is one safe weight loss tip that can really help cut the calories!

39. Skip the OJ
If you start your day with a glass of sweetened orange juice, you are consuming over a hundred calories…when you could consume just sixty if you had an orange instead. Or, read labels and find unsweetened juice. And the fruit contains fiber that the juice doesn’t, which helps you to feel fuller and promotes weight loss.

40. Set Expectations, Not Goals for Safe Weight Loss
Don’t just shoot for losing ten pounds, aim for looking better, feeling healthier, being able to play with your children. Have an outcome that you want rather than just an empty “I’d like to lose ten pounds” idea, because you will have something more to aim for.

41. Break Up Your Workout for a Safe Weight Loss
Breaking a 40 minute workout up into 4 10-minute intervals can increase your fat loss by 30%.

42. Ice Your Water
When you drink ice water, you increase metabolism. Why? Because your body needs the water you take in to be at room temperature. When you take in ice water your body has to warm it, and that burns calories and increases the metabolism.

43. Spice it Up
Adding spices to your food—spices such as curry, spicy mustard, red pepper or chili peppers can spike your metabolism and burn more calories. Even adding cinnamon to your morning oatmeal or cup of tea can do this.

44. Help Your Thyroid
The thyroid is essential in regulating the metabolism. Eating foods high in selenium, zinc, vitamin E, copper and iodine can improve the thyroid’s function. These are foods such as nuts, seeds and seafood will really help achieve a safe weight loss.

45. Introduce Changes Gradually for Safe Weight Loss
If you want to approach safe weight loss, don’t cut your calories and increase your exercise all on the same day. Cut calories and gradually increase exercise time, so that you don’t get overloaded and quit.

46. Cut Calories
It’s an obvious weight loss tip, but exaggerate your calorie count each day (If an apple is 60 calories, call it 100) and reduce calories by simply eliminating one food or drink per day.

47. Eliminate Sodas
Get rid of sodas! You won’t believe how many calories you consume if you are drinking sodas every day. Just eliminating sodas and drinking water instead can cause the pounds to just fall off. And skip diet sodas—they may be calorie free, but that fake sweetener has been shown to increase hunger, so you’ll consume more calories in the long run.

48. Grill Out
Grill your food rather than frying, or even sautéing in oil. Use more seasonings to get the flavor that you’d get from fat.

49. Buy a Scale
Keep a small, digital scale in your kitchen to measure out servings, but get used to what those servings look like so that you can measure when you are out.

50. Share Your Goals
Tell your friends and family that you are trying to lose weight and that you need their support. It is important that you not feel pressured to eat foods that aren’t healthy when you are out with friends and family. Have them give you encouragement. This will help with your weight loss.

51. Allow Yourself a Cheat Day
Eat healthy 80% of the time, but allow for cheat days. If you do not do this, you’ll find yourself binging with no end in sight. Tell yourself that on Sunday you will have your favorite dessert, or an extra piece of pizza.

52. Make Sure to Include 5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables
It is important to hit the five servings goal of fruits and vegetables. Eating even more will result in a healthier you, and more weight loss.

53. Never Skip Meals
Skipping meals for weight loss will make your blood sugar plummet and that will cause you to eat too much at your next meal. And, it reduces your metabolism, too.

54. Plan Ahead
On Sundays, plan your meals for the week. Have a plan of healthy options for each day, and make sure the pantry is stocked.

55. Learn a New Exercise
When you challenge your body, more muscles get involved and you will burn even more calories. This is a key to fast weight loss. Find something that you’ve always wanted to try, a dance class, a spinning class, etc. Don’t get discouraged and keep going back in order to see weight reduction.

56. Use Commercials
Another good weight loss tip is while watching TV, exercise during commercials. Drop to the floor and do crunches or pushups, or do lunges. Find something to get your heart rate up during those breaks.

57. Buy Greek Yogurt
Yogurt is a great weight loss tool. Have it in place of higher calorie snacks or meals, and try Greek yogurt as it is full of protein.

58. Don’t Try to Spot Tone
Spot toning does not work. You cannot spot reduce fat; you must reduce fat all over the body. Do cardio to reach this goal. You can work individual muscles, but you will not see it until you burn off the fat.

59. Increase Protein Intake
Your muscles need protein to build and rebuild after a workout. Have protein with every meal, and make sure it is lean protein. Have chicken, salmon, tuna, nuts, lean pork, egg whites, peanut butter and even very lean beef. Increasing protein will also increase metabolism which will help you lose weight.

60. Get Rid of ‘White’ Foods
Another safe weight loss tip is to rid your pantry of white flour, white sugar and other processed carbs (like cakes and cupcakes). Find healthier alternatives such as whole wheat flour, oat flour, etc.

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