What is Depression?

“What is depression?” is a question I am often asked and I’ve found that of most concern is understanding the difference between a short-lived period of sadness perhaps in reaction to a loss or stressful event and true clinical depression. Since depression can be a very serious illness with consequences such as suicide; it is important to know whether you, a child or relative can be treated naturally or needs to consult with a doctor or psychiatrist.

Clinical Depression

Depression and how does it affect you? Clinical depression causes a variety ofGirl looking sad because of depression. symptoms (mental, emotional and physical) and significantly impairs daily functioning and reactions to normal life events. It occurs in 15-25% of the population. Some people may experience one episode of severe depression in their lives, while others may have several. Some people may experience chronic low grade depression over an entire lifetime and still others may experience both.

The symptoms of depression are:

Depression can occur in very young children and teens and in this case professional help should be sought. Experts note that it can be notoriously difficult to determine what causes depression in these young people but agree that it is imperative to seek help as soon as a problem is noted.

What is Depression Caused By?

Depression can have a number of causes and these causes will determine how it should be treated. Some causes are:

How is Depression Treated?

Major depression is very serious and I would be remiss if I didn’t advise you to seek professional help. I would advise that if your depression is very severe or if you, a child or relative has any thoughts of suicide, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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