Yeast Infection Symptoms in Men

Yeast infection symptoms are a little different when they occur in men. In my experience with treating Candida albicans infections naturally, I’ve found that many men do not experience severe symptoms and may not even be aware that they have succumbed to this annoying visitor.

Other men do, indeed, have very severe yeast infections and these can recur if they have unprotected sex with a partner who is also infected or if their body chemistry has become unbalanced due to diabetes, stress or chronic illness.

Since penile candidiasis may echo the symptoms of many other sexually transmitted diseases, I would suggust it’s wise to get evaluated by your doctor before choosing to treat yourself naturally. While yeast infections aren’t considered a sexually transmitted infection they can be passed on this way.

Most Common Yeast Infection Symptoms For Men

If you have any of the symptoms listed below it is likely that you have a yeast infection and need treatment:

1. Chronic, severe irritation or pain on or near the head of the penis.

The fungus often begins on the head of the penis where it may remain isolated. However, it can also extend down the shaft of the penis and into the groin and anal area where it can become painful and itch for an extended period of time.

2. A red rash combined with itching on the head of the penis.

In men who are not circumcised the infection can occur under the foreskin and around the head of the penis. This can lead to the skin becoming inflamed. In this case it may become impossible to retract the foreskin. Yeast infections are often located in the urethra which is the canal through which urine passes within the penile shaft.

3. Small or large blisters, white patches or dry peeling skin on the head and shaft of the penis.

4. Rashes that spread to the groin and anus combined with itching and irritation. These may also spread to the thighs, buttocks and scrotum.

5. Thick, white, clumpy discharge from the penis.

Though it is fairly uncommon, the Candida infection can travel inside the shaft of the penis. This will result in a thick, white, yeast discharge which may have an odor and cause urination to become very painful.

Other Symptoms That Can Develop

Candida overgrowth can also be systemic. In this case you might experience symptoms of chronic fatigue coupled with digestive symptoms such as bloating, dyspepsia and mental or cognitive yeast infection symptoms such as brain fog and memory problems well as sinus infections. If you already have a Candida infection it means that conditions in your body are off balance. This makes gut or systemic Candidiasis much more likely.

As I already mentioned yeast infections can mirror serious sexually transmitted infections such as trichomoniasis or bacterial infections. For this reason I cannot stress enough how important it is to first have Candida accurately diagnosed before proceeding with the natural treatments recommended above.

Final Thoughts on Yeast Infections

Yeast infections can be annoying and cause a great deal of embarrassment in men. This is because yeast infections are usually viewed as “women’s illnesses”. I must urge you to overcome this stereotypical response to yeast infections and obtain the correct natural or other treatment for what is an easily treated overgrowth.

If you do discover that you have a yeast problem be sure and talk to your partner about it as she can also be infected sexually. Both of you should be treated to ensure that you avoid passing the infection back and forth. If only one of you obtains treatment and the other remains infected this will lead to re-infection, which is a wholly unnecessary and frustrating vicious cycle.

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